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MediaTomb UPnP Media Server – Debian.

MediaTomb allows you to stream your digital media through your home network and listen to/watch it on a variety of UPnP compatible devices.:

  • PlayStation3 (PS3),
  • Xbox 360,
  • satellite devices,
  • DVB and DVB-T devices,
  • smart TV/DVD,
  • youview..


Install MediaTomb.

sudo apt-get install -y mediatomb


Install some needed dependencies.

sudo apt-get install -y ffmpeg imagemagick mediainfo mencoder ffmpegthumbnailer transcode

Setup MediaTomb.

Create database MediaTomb.

  • user: mediatomb,
  • password: Hasło,
  • Database name: mediatomb,

Log on to your MySQL as Administrator – root,
Create a MySQL user: mediatomb and set privileges to a new user.

sudo mysql -u root -p
create user 'mediatomb'@'localhost' identified by 'Hasło';
create user 'mediatomb'@'%' identified by 'Hasło';
grant all on mediatomb.* to 'mediatomb'@'localhost';
grant all on mediatomb.* to 'mediatomb'@'%';


Log on to your MySQL as mediatomb, and create database: mediatomb,

sudo mysql -u mediatomb -p
create database mediatomb;


Load database mediatomb to MySQL.

sudo mysql mediatomb -u mediatomb -p < /usr/share/mediatomb/mysql.sql
sudo /etc/init.d/mediatomb restart


Edit configfile /etc/default/mediatomb.

sudo nano /etc/default/mediatomb

Change the listening port for MediaTomb (default port – 49152):

OPTIONS="-p 50000"

Change the listening newtork interface for MediaTomb (eth1).
MediaTomb is listening on all network interfaces by default.


Edit configfile /etc/mediatomb/config.xml.

sudo nano /etc/mediatomb/config.xml

Enable Web Interface MediaTomb.

MediaTomb provides a web interface to help with configuration. To enable:

<ui enabled="yes" show-tooltips="yes">


Using MySQL.

If you’d like to use MySQL as main database you must disable Sqlite3 , and enable MySQL.

You must fill: host, username, password, database.

<sqlite3 enabled="no">

<mysql enabled="yes">


Allowing Accounts MediaTomb.

Accounts are disable by default, to enable do this:

Default login/password is: mediatomb/mediatomb.

<accounts enabled="yes" session-timeout="30">
<account user="mediatomb" password="mediatomb"/>


Playstation 3 (PS3) Compatibility

    <protocolInfo extend="yes"/><!-- For PS3 support change to "yes" -->
    <!-- Uncomment the line below for PS3 divx support -->
    <map from="avi" to="video/divx"/>


       Uncomment the lines below to get rid of jerky avi playback on the
       DSM320 or to enable subtitles support on the DSM units
      <add header="X-User-Agent: redsonic"/>

        <!-- Uncomment the line below for D-Link DSM / ZyXEL DMA-1000 -->
        <map from="avi" to="video/avi"/>


Configure Firewall – iptables.

Media share MediaTomb – port 1900.
-A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp -s --dport 1900 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -p udp -m udp -s --dport 1900 -j ACCEPT

-A INPUT -i eth1 -s -d -p igmp -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -i eth1 -d -p igmp -j ACCEPT
Interfface WWW MediaTomb – port 50000.
-A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp -s --dport 50000 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -p udp -m udp -s --dport 50000 -j ACCEPT
Commands: start, stop, restart:
  • sudo /etc/init.d/mediatomb start
  • sudo /etc/init.d/mediatomb stop
  • sudo /etc/init.d/mediatomb restart


If you want run MediaTomb manually,
you must first remove the service using the following terminal commands

Remove old links mediatomb.

sudo update-rc.d -f mediatomb remove

Create new links mediatomb.

sudo update-rc.d mediatomb defaults 99
sudo /etc/init.d/mediatomb restart
[ ok ] Restarting upnp media server: mediatomb.


With any changes to the configuration file, the MediaTomb service will need to be restarted for them to take effect.

Access to WWW MediaTomb.

http://address_IP:50000 (



Satellite tuner: Humax HDR-1000s freesat+ with .



Windows Media Player and MediaTomb.



Log MediaTomb.

Startup MediaTomb log.

sudo more /var/log/mediatomb.log


INFO: Loading configuration from: /etc/mediatomb/config.xml
INFO: Checking configuration...
INFO: Setting filesystem import charset to UTF-8
INFO: Setting metadata import charset to ISO-8859-15
INFO: Setting playlist charset to UTF-8
WARNING: You enabled the YouTube feature, which allows you
                             to watch YouTube videos on your UPnP device!
                             Please check http://www.youtube.com/t/terms
                             By using this feature you may be violating YouTube
                             service terms and conditions!

INFO: Configuration check succeeded.
INFO: Initialized port: 50000
INFO: Server bound to:
INFO: MediaTomb Web UI can be reached by following this link:





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    miniupnp is still active. mediatomb isn’t in active development

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